Veneers in Brooklyn, NY

Veneers can be described as a cosmetic or dental restoration that enhances your smile. Our dental team explains what veneers are and how they can help with a smile makeover.

World of Dentistry Offers Customized Veneers for Your Unique Smile

Our dentist in Brooklyn believes in maintaining the character of your smile rather than simply making it perfect. It’s also very important to seek the services of a highly trained dentist as the overall effect needs to be as natural as possible.

People of different ethnicities have different dental anatomies, and our dental team is well up to customizing veneers for your dental arch. We take into consideration various factors such as your facial structure, your smile, gum line, and the shape of your lips before we design the perfect veneers for you.

When we complete the job, we guarantee that you’ll be unable to tell the difference between your natural teeth and the veneers that we’ve secured into your teeth. Contact World of Dentistry in Brooklyn for more information on veneers near you.

How We Design Your Veneers

It’s not necessary to get veneers for all your teeth – we can do just the front ones, for example. If you fell when you were young and chipped your front tooth, it may now have a grey shade to it. The team at World of Dentistry will replace just the front four teeth if the rest of your teeth are already aligned.

If you’re planning to get further dental treatment or plastic surgery (lip injections, for example), please let us know in advance as we can plan the treatment.

How to Determine the Color of the Veneer

It can be tricky to determine the exact color of your veneers as not everyone has natural, white teeth. It’s common to find patients with off-white, grey-white, yellowish, or even brownish teeth. While the veneers should enhance the color, it should not appear artificial, dense, or opaque.

We, at World of Dentistry in Brooklyn, consider skin tone as well as the color of your natural teeth before deciding on the color of the veneer.

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