An Endodontist Best performs some Dental Procedures

An Endodontist Best performs some Dental Procedures

Jul 01, 2020

Have you ever visited a dentist with anxiety in your mind fearing the smells of the dentist’s office along with the sound of the drilling machine? Perhaps your visit was associated with getting a crown or dental fillings. Your family dentist may have handled these treatments to your satisfaction despite the fear in your mind. What happens if one beautiful morning your family dentist refers you to an endodontist near you claiming you have an infection within your tooth which he or she cannot or will not treat for obvious reasons.

Visiting the endodontist in Brooklyn, NY, should not cause additional fear in your mind because you have been referred to a specialist who can diagnose patients and perform different types of dental procedures, including the interior of the tooth. He or she can also advise you on pre-and post-treatment care as they have excellent communication skills and the patient with all visitors.

Why Has Your Family Dentist Referred You to an Endodontist?

Your family dentist would only have referred you to an endodontist because you have a problem with a cavity that has reached the root of your tooth and needs to be treated by a specialist. Leaving the problem untreated will result in the extraction of the tooth, causing you untold difficulties and expenses for replacing the extracted tooth. An endodontist is a specialist who works with problems within your tooth and treats them to ensure your tooth is preserved. A referral from your family dentist to an endodontist means you are in for one of the most dreaded root canal treatments which are performed by endodontists.

You would probably have complained about tooth pain and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures that do not subside and may even be displaying pimples on the gums indicating pus-filled pockets. The infection could be a result of multiple procedures on the same tooth, deep decay, injuries or cracks, and any other reason. Dentists are also capable of treating this condition but prefer to refer patients to endodontists who are specialists for handling problems within the tooth.

Why Are Endodontists Identified As Specialists?

If a family dentist can also perform treatments within a tooth, why should an endodontist be referred to as a specialist? You must understand that all endodontists are dentists, but it is not the same the other way around. Consider it to a doctor in any other field who has specialized in cardiology, ophthalmology, or pediatrics. Endodontists acquire additional education after graduating from dental school, focusing on diagnosing tooth pain and performing root canal treatments along with other procedures for treating infections within the tooth. They are the experts in saving diseased teeth by providing endodontic treatment. Therefore the referral provided by your family dentist is likely to save you plenty of money along with your natural tooth.

What Procedures Do Endodontists Handle?

Root canal treatments are primarily performed by the endodontist in Brooklyn, who also performs different types of endodontic surgeries. These professionals can address traumatic dental injuries whenever they arise and also place dental implants surgically. Their overall aim is to save your natural tooth as best possible. However, despite their education and the expertise they have received for treating endodontic issues, dental professionals will always look at all treatment options before concluding on the best course of action for saving your tooth.

Endodontists limit their practice solely to endodontic treatments performing approximately three root canals every day. Your family dentist, if possible, would only have completed one or two. When you obtain root canal treatments from a specialist, the chances of you healing faster with a better outcome increase. Root canal treatments performed by an endodontist have a success rate of over 95% to save you the trouble of searching for tooth replacement solutions by spending a significant sum of money. An endodontist can be called the judge that decided not to execute your tooth but give it life imprisonment in your mouth without parole by merely performing a routine procedure to clean the interiors of your tooth to leave you free from infections. The root canal treatment would undoubtedly have scared you, but understanding how endodontists can save your natural tooth will encourage you to visit the endodontist in Brooklyn, NY, to receive the treatment willingly.

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